What Is a Power Pack?

Each Day for 40 Days:

  1. Daily Affirmation/Confession
  2. Daily Audio
  3. Daily Health Prayer
  4. Daily Health Tip
  5. Daily Confession Workout Video
  6. Daily Devotional Time
  7. Daily Journal

Another option for 40 days:

Do all of the above except for the workout video by choosing your own personal exercise routine.

Feel free to go through a package more than once. Each time will bring more blessings from the Lord.

Binder:  Purchase a binder for your power pack.  Print out all 40days of affirmation/confessions, daily prayer, and daily health tips to put into your binder.

1) Daily Affirmation/Confession of God’s Word are to CHEW (Meditate) ON THROUGHOUT YOUR DAY.

Meditation keeps you strong in confessing your faith in Jesus the Word and gives you power to live your new life in Christ! Learn to walk by faith, speaking the language of God. See how easy and fun it is delighting yourself in Jesus the Word, day and night! Confessing and meditating on God’s Word WILL prosper you in everything you do; you have God’s Word on that! (Psa. 1:1-3; 2 Pet. 1:3-4; Josh. 1:8)

Since the WORK is to believe in Jesus and the WAY is to feed on Jesus the Bread of Life, being STRONG in the LORD and in HIS MIGHTY POWER can only come through empowered CONFESSIONS and MEDITATIONS from God’s Word.

Daily Affirmation/Confession Instructions for 40days:

Purchase a small 3×5 notebook.  Write your daily affirmation/confession in it each day.  Keep it with you at all times. Every morning when you start your day, look at that day’s confession and meditation. Also feel free to insert each day’s confession on your phone and check it that way.  Say your confession a few times or more and meditate on it while getting ready. As you go through your day look for opportunities to visit it again and again, the more the better. Remember, you’re only focused on one day’s affirmation/confession. Think of it like checking an important text message or email. God has something to tell you! Let Him talk to you through your day. As this Word from God gets in you it literally transforms your life! The more you speak and meditate on the Word the healthier you will be.

2) Daily Audio

Tune your mind and heart into the Lord’s voice by listening to recorded confessions of all 40 days. Listen at least once each day for 40 days, although more often is even more powerful and produces quicker results! Listen while you drive, cook, eat, clean, or do some other activity but make sure to give the Words of life and health your complete attention, really listening closely to get them in your heart.

3) Daily Health Prayer

You will pray the same prayer for 40 days. It’s best to pray first thing in the morning. Feel free to add more to your prayer as the Holy Spirit leads you. Print out a copy of your health prayer.

4) Daily Health Tip

Every 40 day package will focus on a particular health topic. Again, begin your day with this short health tip to start it on the right track. Print out a copy of all 40days of your health tips.

5) Daily Confession Workout Video

It’s as Easy as One, Two, Three!

These videos are for every fitness level. You make the best choice for your body, both within the workouts and how much time you exercise each day. Work at your own pace and listen to what is best for your body. Anything that doesn’t work for your body, please don’t do it!  Celebrate all that you can do and enjoy moving your body!  You can do your daily video once, twice or even three times each day. There are 7 short confession workouts, one for every day of the week. Each workout has only 3 different moves. You’ll hear and speak confessions from God’s Word as you move your body. 

6) Daily Devotional Time

Look up the verses from that day’s confession and pray, asking the Lord to speak to you personally and give you revelation, wisdom and understanding.

7) Daily Journal

Buy a small notebook. Write down what you hear from the Lord each day through your devotional time or something that He speaks to you at other times through your day. It can be one sentence, a few lines, a paragraph or more. It could be one word like “peace”, “power”, or “faith”, etc. It could be a Scripture verse or a word of encouragement. Get to know and discern the Lord’s voice. You’ll begin to see how the Lord is speaking to you and see the pattern as you look at your week or month of what He’s been saying to you.